We pride ourselves on providing the most professional and reliable services in the area.  We work hard to maintain your garden according to your specifications.
Our services include but are not limited to:
Lawn maintenance
 - mowing
 - edging
 - pest control
Planting bed maintenance
 - weed control
 - shrub pruning
 - tree trimming
 - irrigation
 - remove debris
 - shrubs
 - trees
 - ground covers
 - lawns
And much more!
We can arrange to come on a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis.
Our prices vary depending on size of yard and type of work requested. 
Call us at 408.425.3798 for a free quote.
We would love to talk to you about re-designing your yard to:
 - be more water efficient
 - be more user-friendly according to new use needs
 - add value to your property
 - give it a face-lift
 - be simpler and less maintenance
or just make it a place you, your family, and your friends love to spend time!